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Meyko's tale

Meyko’s story begins on a very small planet, called Blueterra on which lives a very strange but cute species: the Gloopiglows. The residents of this planet have a little particularity : they are all asthmatic. Meyko, naturally generous, had taken the habit of watching over the Gloopiglows and daily taking care of them. He used to take the time to remind them to take their traitement and the importance of the routine. He always made a little hug to congratulate them for their courage. After helping all the inhabitants of his planet, he felt the need to help new people.

Meyko loved flying around his planet with his space shuttle and exploring new space.
During one of these rides, Meyko saw the Earth and realized the immensity of this planet very different from his own. But at the approach of it, he lost control of the shuttle and was forced to land in the middle of nowhere.
Meyko was fine, but that was not the case of his vehicle. He decided to look for help and explore his new environment.
After some time waddling he reached a town called Nantes. On his way he met two friends, Sandrine and Alizée. Meyko didn’t speak the language of humans, so he began to communicate thanks to his moods. He explained to them where he came from, what he was doing on his planet and especially the mission he would like to accomplish on Earth. Sandrine and Alizée decided to welcome Meyko and support him in his mission: help asthmatic children to live their treatment better.

Sandrine, Alizée and Meyko decided to repair the little companion’s shuttle and started a world tour to visit all children with asthma, their families and doctors from all over the world. As soon as they returned to Nantes they started to work to help them as quickly as possible. Through their research and with the help of other friends, they found a solution to multiply the blue companion and adapt it to the needs of each child. Today, a dozen Meyko have been adopted by children in the city. As these adoptions went well, the team is working hard so that the little companions will visit many children who need them.