Help your child manage their asthma.

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A smart and playful medication reminder to make it fun to take treatment day after day and a mobile app to keep track of your child's treatment.

A playful companion for your child

A device which motivates your child

A mobile app to manage the treatment plan

Function 1

Works with any medications.

Our scanning tags named “Lynkos” allow you to scan any device, inhaler, pill bottle or container.

Function 2

Schedule them only for a day or for the whole year.

Meds are taken later on sunday mornings? Earlier on tuesdays? No worries, it’s entirely customizable!

Function 3

Manage the treatment plan of all your kids at once.

The app allows you to create multiple profiles for multiple Meykos!

Function 4

Record any complication and share the data with you doctor.

Send a complete treatment report to the pediatrician to check what happened since the last consultation.

Function 5

Your child’s new best friend, even at night.

Customizable nightlight schedule!

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How does it work?

Designed after 3 years of research and testing, in association with doctors and families, Meyko is the playful medication reminder that fits your child's need.

  • Easy-to-use, specifically designed for children
  • Works with any medication
  • Makes it fun to take treatment, no more struggles
  • Helps you stay organized and reduces the anxiety of missing a dose

Co-designed with the best children's hospitals in France

Deigned in association with more than 100 doctors and 150 families,
MEYKO is a reliable device, tested and approved.

"Meyko is very nice to me, it helps me take my meds and I love hugging him!"
Manon, 6 years old
"Awesome product! There's no stuggle to make her take her meds anymore. She's very proud of taking care of Meyko."
Violette's mom, 4 years old
"Meyko is great! He helps me take my medication, it’s easier for me. Meyko has changed many things."
Bérénice, 7 years old
"Since day one, he took his inhaler while hugging Meyko. There's a real emotional bond between them."
Victor's mom, 10 years old

A product Made in France

Order MEYKO from $85 with our « SUPER EARLY BIRD » offer with our partner

Among « The 8 European Startups innovating in healthcare » according to french financial newspaper