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About us

CEO Meyko Sandrine Bender

Sandrine Bender

Designer in Healthcare

Co-founder & CEO
CTO Meyko Alizée Gottardo

Alizée Gottardo

UX engineer

Co-founder & CTO
Pharmacien Meyko Frédéric Bender

Frédéric Bender

Pharmacist & Therapeutic Education Specialist

Our story

Coming from the East and the South of France, Sandrine and Alizee meet in Nantes in 2015 for a course combining engineering and design about connected objects. By chance, they end up in pairs and the duo works instantly. Sandrine's parents, both doctors, had sensitized her to the problem of patient's compliance. She has asthma, therefore it is an issue that particularly affects her. As for Alizee, noticing that no solution was given to children, she took the challenge of offering them objects of the same quality as adults, adapted specifically for them. They were inspired by these two reflections and developed Meyko, a connected object aimed at improving treatment adherence for children with asthma.

After 3 years of research in collaboration with doctors and families and several successful test phases, Meyko will be available in September 2018.

Meyko's milestones

MEYKO will be available soon

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Awards and recognitions

Moovjee National Prize Competition

Moovjee Prize

April 2018

Student Entrepreneur Award
Start West

Start West

April 2018

Jury's favourite prize
Strategic Design Trophies

Strategic Design Trophies

November 2017

Jury's favourite prize
Fondation Le Roch Les Mousquetaires

Le Roch Les Mousquetaires Foundation

November 2017

Prize winner
Prix PEPITE Tremplin

PEPITE Tremplin Prize

November 2017

Prize winner
Trophées du bien-être - Wellness Trophies

Wellness Trophies

September 2017

Health Trophy
Logo EIT Health

EIT Health

June 2017

“Innovation Journey” winner
Logo Sanofi

Sanofi VivaTech Challenge

May 2017

“Living with lifelong conditions” contest winner
Logo Connect+ Awards

Connect+ Awards

December 2016

Best Innovative Startup Award
Logo Respirhacktion


September 2016

TNP Prize
Logo Femmes du Digital Ouest

Women entrepreneurship contest

September 2016

Startup Prize
Logo French IoT La Poste

French IoT - La Poste

July 2016

National winner
Logo Trophées de la e-santé Castres

eHealth Trophies

July 2016

Jury's favourite prize