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The smart companion caring for children with asthma

The smart companion caring for children with asthma

Meyko is a playful medication reminder for children with asthma

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CHU de Nantes Hôpital Necker Enfants Malades Ecole de l'Asthme Paris Association Asthme et Allergies

Schedule your child's daily routine, motivate them and keep track of their treatment and progress with our mobile application

Picto Benefice Motivation

Motivate your child

A daily treatment is restrictive for the whole family and tiresome for your child. Meyko makes it fun to take treatment and motivates your child day after day.

Picto Benefice Organisation

Make your everyday life easier

Has it been a busy week? Meyko adapts to your own pace and allows you to customize your child's treatment schedule.

Picto Benefice Suivi

Keep track of your child’s treatment

Follow your child's treatment and share a record with your doctor at your next consultation.

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